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Sow streching feeder

Sow streching feeder

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Sow welding feeder

Sow welding feeder

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Pig wet dry feeder

Pig wet dry feeder

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Pig stainless steel feeder

Pig stainless steel feeder

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Feeding line accessories: sheaves

Feeding line accessories:

Feeding line accessories sheaves...

Pig nipple drinker

Pig nipple drinker

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Pig drinking bowl

Pig drinking bowl

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Pig nipple drinker Pig nipple drinker ND701 12 thread Hex 21 12body Steel Pin8mm

Pig nipple drinker Pig nip

Pig nipple drinker Pig nipple drinker ND701 12 thread Hex 21...

Your trustable pig feeder manufacturer in China

There are hog feeders for show pigs, outdoor/pasture pigs, and piglets. Our metal outdoor pig feeders are available with single or double doors, protect the feed from the weather elements, and are easily refilled. The piglet creep feeders we offer are designed to help you start your pigs off on the right foot while making feed chores easy and fast.

All sizes of pigs can be fed with pig feeding equipment. A wide variety of ad lib feeders are available for weaners, growers, finishers, gilts, and sows. There are troughs that can be used for either meal or pellets.

Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeder Features

1. Steel has excellent anticorrosion properties and is easy to clean.

2. 360 degree pivoting ensures free dispensing.

3. Pig could eat and drink together.

4. Feed discharge levels can be adjusted according to the eating speed up to 20.

5. This feeding mode is suitable for both piglets and fattening pigs. Most of the feed waste can be reduced by this method.

6. In addition, it will perform better if it is combined with automatic charge systems.

7. Double-canopies and medical entrances prevent pigs from pilfering feed and polluting effectively.

Stainless Steel Double Side Trough Pig Hog Feeder

1. Using the double side pig feeder, the feed conversion rate will be improved, and the waste of feed by the pig trough will be reduced.

2. This double-sided pig feeder has an adjustable height feeding platform, ensuring the pig eats fresh feed.

3. The stainless steel double side pig feeder is reversible and washable to provide clean, safe feeding space for the pigs.

4. The pig trough is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm, the overall structure is solid and reliable.

5. Flexible and convenient installation, extending the trough volume is possible.

Stainless steel welding sow feeders for pig

Stainless Steel Pig Feeder for Sow is made of SS304; there is no spillage of feed, no waste, and the material is antirust and anticorrosion, thus keeping feed healthy. Compared to plastic, it has a much longer service life. Welding sow feeders can be customized to fit different farrowing crates and front doors.

Stainless steel sow feeder, gestation stall feeder for pig

304 stainless steel edging is round and smooth, not hurting the mouth of the pig. One-piece molding, corrosion-resistant, rust-free.

1. The smooth edge protects the animal during cutting and the professional design saves food

2.Convenient and long-durability

3.easy for reversal to clean

4.No blind corners, so the feeder is kept clean all the time

5.Excellent quality and reasonable price, saving cost.

Pig & Piglet feed trough

Pig pens must have a feeding trough. Having easy access to feed is important here for all animals. The Pigequipments manufacturer offers a wide range of feeders and troughs for both piglets and fattening pigs. Furthermore, we can supply stainless steel and concrete feed troughs as well. All of them can be used to feed water, concentrate, flour, liquid feed, and milk.

Plastic Pig Feed Trough

1. When feeding, it has a circular arc bottom and no dead corners.

2. Stainless steel edging resists wear and bite, and is made from thick engineering plastic.

3. It has a larger feeding area and is durable.

4. Easy to move and very light.

Stainless Steel Feed Trough

1. Pig feed troughs made of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant and will not rust. By doing so, the feedstock can be ensured to be clean and safe.

2. Pigs are known to grubbing by nature. Feed will easily fall out of shallow troughs, creating waste as well as polluting the environment. Stainless steel feed troughs have 53 cm high backs, which prevent feed from spilling over.

3. Cleanable, durable, and easy to maintain.

Supplementary Feeding Trough for Piglet

In the first 5-7 days after birth, piglets should receive supplementary feeding as they grow. Pig feed troughs can be easily contaminated if they are not designed properly. Furthermore, it can lead to piglets catching digestive tract diseases. For this reason, we developed a new type of piglet feeding trough. Besides being economical and practical, this type of feeder trough also has better feeding results.

Two-sided fattening pig feed troughs have many advantages

1. Water and other factors cannot corrode the bottom because it is made of anti-corrosive material.

2. There will be a gradual drop in feed and a decrease in feed waste.

3. Installation and cleaning are easy.

4. Despite long-term use in hostile environments, the trough's iron construction ensures it won't break.

Application of Supplementary Feeding Troughs

1. During weaning or when lactation yields start to decline, it can be used for supplementary feeding.

2. Sow's crates often have this type of trough attached on both sides, but the trough can also stand alone.

Pig fattening trough with double sides

Feed fattening pigs with a double-sided trough. There are two sides of the trough and multiple positions so that it can accommodate two groups of pigs at once.


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